Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Want to stop CVS? Please read...

The Barlow, as it grows, will continue to attract locals and visitors who will be enticed to visit our local merchants to shop and dine. This will increase revenues for business and sales taxes for the City. If there is gridlock at the crossroads, visitors will be discouraged and neither the business people nor the City will benefit.

Woodfour Brewery is now open for business.

By law, CVS needs CalTrans’ permission to enter/exit from their site (north side Highway 12) onto the two State Highways, 116 (Petaluma Ave) and 12 (Sebastopol Road).  CVS has proposed an emergency-vehicle-access-only driveway on 116, and a right turn only out of the site onto Highway 12.  

Got that?  It gets better.

CVS wants to have a left turn into the site from Highway 12.

Left turns into CVS from Hwy 12 would further impede the already vexingly slow traffic on the congested Highway 12 west entrance to town.  It would aggravate the already frustratingly slow flow of traffic across Main St. on Highway 12 heading east.

This is bad for business.  It’s an unpleasant and unnecessary deterioration of Sebastopol life.

A visitor's first impression of Sebastopol.

Traffic is already gridlocked from Llano Rd. to Luther Burbank's farm.

If you agree with this assessment and believe that CalTrans should not grant the encroachment permit to allow such turns from Highway 12, let your Sebastopol Councilperson know, and tell CalTrans they should NOT approve the encroachment permit.

Tell them that the traffic now is already agonizingly slow in the mornings and particularly in the afternoons. The CVS plan will bring the 12/116 artery to a halt.  Does the town benefit?  Whom does CVS serve?

Please, do it now, because this is in the works.

Write CalTrans:

Send copies to (I've grouped these together so all you have to do is copy and paste):

Mayor Michael Kyes, Vice Mayor Robert Jacob, Councilmembers: Sarah Gurney, John Eder, Patrick Slayter, City Attorney: Larry McLaughlin and City Clerk: Mary Gourley

Thanks to Helen Shane for this.

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