Saturday, July 13, 2013


From my vantage point in the Barlow.

A sad day indeed, Sebastopol.  This afternoon my wife and kids stopped by the Barlow to let me know they were heading over to Frizelle's to buy some chicks.  A couple hours later, Frizelle Enos feed was totally engulfed in flames.  My family is safe as are 4 chicks.

Thanks to Ryan Meechan for the photo.

Here's a photo taken yesterday during the conflagration.

A total loss.

A Sebastopol institution is no more.  This is an establishment that was a part of many lives here.  It was fun to take the kids and pick up the supplies we needed to keep our animals nourished.  And it's gone.

We've all pulled into that lot.

I spoke with some of the emergency personnel and was relieved to find out that no one was injured.  Someone said it started in the hay.  But that'll take some time to figure out.

Frizzelle Enos' owner with hands in pockets.

Sebastopol has lost a landmark.

The smoke was still rising at 8:00pm.

Let's hope they rebuild.  I'd sure hate to see Armstrong Development get the property.

Check out the Press Democrat story here:

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