Friday, July 12, 2013


CVS is back in the spotlight.  This Tuesday's City Council meeting (7/16) has it on the agenda and it would be a good idea for people to show up.

The CVS project was approved with conditions before last year's elections.  After the new City Council was seated they passed a moratorium on new drive-thru windows in town.  CVS then sued the City of Sebastopol.  So much for the good neighbors they swore they were going to be.

CVS has now responded to those conditions, apparently satisfactorily. including adding the door on the corner facing Screaming Mimi's, home of my favorite ice cream.  The Council will review their responses at the July 16th meeting.  This will include a public hearing on the subject.  Because of the moratorium on drive-thrus windows, the project cannot proceed as the current design incorporates a drive-thru window.

It seems absurd to me that prescription drugs can be dispensed thru drive-thru windows.  What kind of distracted consultation would one receive?

The moratorium expires in October of this year.

See the City Council agenda here:

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