Sunday, November 16, 2014


City Council Meeting
6 pm, Youth Annex  425 Morris Street
Tuesday, November 18

Our City Manager states that the best way to get the proposed multiuse trails moving forward is to demonstrate to City Council strong public support for the trails.  The Council's meeting on Tuesday night is the time and place to show this support! If you believe these trails will have a positive impact on our community, please come to the Council meeting. Better yet, make your support stand out in a crowd -- bring your walking stick or wear your bike gear. 

It is important that Council take positive steps, and follow the procedure used by the County and most of the State — 1) Add these trails to the Sebastopol Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, and 2) Start the Feasibility Study to work out the many details. These steps are very low cost and are required to get the projects moving.

The routes of the trails are not set in stone, and need not be in order to add these trails to the Master Plan. There is lots of time for reasonable discussion by the community.

We hope the number of people who support the trail will convince the Council to recognize the importance of these trails to the community. Hope to see you there on Tuesday, November 18!
The Sebastopol TrailMakers

View the videos:

More information about the TrailMakers (and trail maps) available at:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Multiuse Trails Across Sebastopol will be discussed at the GPAC this Wednesday (see below)...
The Joe Rodota Trail - SUCCESS!

General Plan Advisory Committee

Wednesday, November 12 at 6:30 pm

at Sebastopol Center for the Arts
Veterans building at 282 South High Street
The proposed trail site through St. Stephen's Church
Will discuss circulation: vehicles, transit, walking, bikes, etc.  Agenda materials are posted on the City web site at:
The General Plan update web site is at:
If you have any written comments on circulation issues for the Committee, feel free to email them to or come to the meeting and speak to the Committee.
Proposed trails take advantage of existing back roads.
Then the Council takes up this matter...

City Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 18th at 6:00PM
Youth Annex   425 Morris St.
The Gravenstein Trail
 Join us in urging the City Council to create cross-town multiuse trails.  A strong showing of public support is essential to get the Council to adopt these trails as part of the Sebastopol Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan on November 18th. 
With the full support of the Council, our community could have safe scenic trails connecting neighborhoods, the town core and the Joe Rodota Trail.  The Apple Blossom and Gravenstein Multiuse Trails are possible only with the amazing cooperation of many private property owners.
The Apple Blossom Trail
What we need:  Most Sebastopol destinations are within walking or biking distance from home, but in our community people drive their kids and themselves everywhere.  That is because we have no safe alternatives. This can change.
The Answer: The Apple Blossom and Gravenstein Trails will provide safe, scenic routes to town.  These multi-use trails will make Sebastopol a better place to live.  It starts with the City Council adopting these trails into the Sebastopol Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

View the videos here:

Feel free to contact us:  We would like your email address to add to our list of supporters. 

Monday, November 3, 2014


What follows is a note from Helen Shane.  Please join theGravenstein and Helen in voting for our incumbent City Council candidates to continue to move Sebastopol in a responsible and progressive direction.  Though we support the following candidates, we urge everyone to get out and VOTE!

We support: 
Una Glass
Sarah Gurney
Patrick Slayter
for Sebastopol City Council.

And Jim Horn for Palm Drive Health Care District

They are are gutsy, knowledgeable and battle tested. They can be trusted to govern our city and represent our entire community with honesty and forthrightness.
They found a way to repair, if not cure, the mis-steps of the Council that was in place in 2011, when we were sucked into the CVS debacle we’re now, at long last, resolving.
They have grown into a cooperative Council, who through exchange of ideas during Council meetings to working on sub-committees together to further our goals.
Sarah and Patrick working together on the development of two downtown sites:  the large parcel immediately east of the Plaza, and the large parcel almost totally city owned parcel immediately south of Round Table pizza, etc.
As a group, they oversee and participate in maintaining a balanced budget.
The General Plan update is underway, under their guidance, as are new Design Review criteria,

Patrick brings to the mix his expertise as an architect; he served on the Sebastopol Planning Commission and Sebastopol Business Outreach Committee as well as being a founding member of BikeWalk Sebastopol and the Sebastopol Entrepreneur’s Project.  He is a member of the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, sits on their Advisory Board, and volunteers with the Sonoma Humane Society.  

Sarah’s legal and mediation skills are frequently brought into play as a Councilperson. She is a proven leader; represented Sebastopol on the Sebastopol Health Action 2020, and assisted in obtaining a $25,000 grant to help our youth and families. She is deeply involved with the planning of our downtown.  She’s chaired the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and the Regional Climate Protection Authority. She’s the California State Senate Appointee to the California Coastal Commission for our area. She knows the town and the community well. 

Una, while new to the Council is a long time Sebastopol resident. She has experience as CEO of the non-profit Coastwalk. She’s been a small business owner, which honed her financial knowhow. In her job as aide to former 5th district supervisor Mike Reilly she developed local and statewide contacts that all add to the Council’s basket of resources.
They all have unimpeachable integrity that we can count on. 
We can put our trust in them.
Vote for Glass, Gurney and Slayter for the experience, honesty and integrity they bring to the City Council.