Sunday, November 16, 2014


City Council Meeting
6 pm, Youth Annex  425 Morris Street
Tuesday, November 18

Our City Manager states that the best way to get the proposed multiuse trails moving forward is to demonstrate to City Council strong public support for the trails.  The Council's meeting on Tuesday night is the time and place to show this support! If you believe these trails will have a positive impact on our community, please come to the Council meeting. Better yet, make your support stand out in a crowd -- bring your walking stick or wear your bike gear. 

It is important that Council take positive steps, and follow the procedure used by the County and most of the State — 1) Add these trails to the Sebastopol Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, and 2) Start the Feasibility Study to work out the many details. These steps are very low cost and are required to get the projects moving.

The routes of the trails are not set in stone, and need not be in order to add these trails to the Master Plan. There is lots of time for reasonable discussion by the community.

We hope the number of people who support the trail will convince the Council to recognize the importance of these trails to the community. Hope to see you there on Tuesday, November 18!
The Sebastopol TrailMakers

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