Monday, December 8, 2014


Join us this Wednesday, Dec. 10th. @ 7-8:30pm
Magick’s House
7602 Huntley St. @ Jesse St.
Sebastopol Blue house on corner
707 327 7940
Dear Community,
We are organizing to picket, boycott and petition CVS to stop their attempt to force their way into our town at the busiest intersection of Hwy 12 and 116. If you cannot make the meeting but want to help with the picket email:
Robin Latham  

There is a new petition on and we are working on a Facebook page.
Across the nation cities and towns are fighting these corporate bullies, (Nantucket won!) that have an appalling tract record concerning the environment, selling drugs illegally, and even a case where a store employee murdered a homeless person whom he assumed was stealing a tube of toothpaste. That was five years ago and there have been no indictment. For the whole story on these travesties see:
When you can't stop greedy corporations with the current laws then take it to the streets and let the people decide! Remember you can vote with your dollars!

In October, the Sebastopol City Council refused to give up and say their hands were tied just because there were no further legal options. Instead they did something so rare in the political arena, they said we will use our voices and our platform to advocate for our town! This is the opening of an article on the issue:
Please contact: Magick
 Jeremiah Garcia
Please send responses to Robin, Magick or Jeremiah

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