Sunday, July 14, 2013


Ya know, I'm sure this fire was an accident.  But I'm very concerned that the Frizelle's property will now be sold to Armstrong Development, instead of the owners re-building.  Armstrong is the company that is representing and supervising the CVS project on the adjoining property that was formerly Pellini Chevrolet.  The same Armstrong Development that is taking Sebastopol to Federal court via a lawsuit against drive-thru windows (see previous posts).  The owner of Frizelle Enos was buddy-buddy with Armstrong-man Bill McDermott throughout the hearings and spoke in favor of the CVS project at every turn even though it would adversely affect the business on multiple fronts.

Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, this is what I saw today...

A lot of people will be affected by this fire.

The front entrance.

Amazing this hay went untouched.

The owner sat in his truck this afternoon, in background.

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