Saturday, July 13, 2013


In the P.D. article (see link below), Efren Carrillo's personal clean-up man and adviser, Eric Koenigshofer said, “I know the guy really well and he's a delightful guy, and the only time it seems that he winds up with any behavioral issues is when he's been drinking,”


Well, I've been drunk.  And I've been loud and obnoxious.  I've even puked on occasion.  I was even shushed at a ukulele festival by Dan Gurney!  But never once have I stalked a woman or tried to break in to her home or, for that matter, I've NEVER been arrested.  This is Mr. Carrillo's second arrest...

...AND HE'S OUR DISTRICT SUPERVISOR, for cryin' out loud!!!

Efren Carrillo, yukking it up with a pastry.

So for his posse to blame this latest incident on a drinking problem is stating the obvious.  But this reveals a much bigger problem.  This event has everything to do with integrity and character or lack thereof.  Not to mention a darker, criminal side that has no place in public office.

He needs to go away.  Maybe he'll run for state senate.  Here's the article:

And, by the way, like Efren, I have paraded around in only my socks and underwear.  But it was the 1970s!  It was okay.

...a different time.

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