Thursday, June 6, 2013


Some of you may already be familiar with K-Tech Automotive.  This auto shop filled in the void left by Earth in Upheaval at 198 S. High St. just east of the Veteran's building.

I happen to be a client of theirs and can personally attest to the terrific customer service I've experience here. It helps that they know what they're doing, too.  Just the other day, we needed AAA to tow our car there and they waited past their usual hours for it to arrive.  No charge.  Just a little help for someone who needed it.  And that's why I'm posting this announcement by Kate, who you can reach at: 707 824 6881.

K-Tech Automotive is giving back to the community.  Spread the word and help someone you know.  Please read...


Do you know someone special who doesn't have a car, but their life would be so much improved if they did?  Well, we have one to give away to a lucky and deserving person.

We are hosting our Second Annual Free to Good Home Event, during which we will be giving away a 2002 Buick Regal in great condition to someone the community that you nominate.

This is a charitable event - we fix the car up, our parts suppliers help us by donating most of the parts.  We also provide a 1-year service package - all free of charge to the recipient.  The recipient needs to provide their own insurance and have a legal driver's license.

Nominations should be in writing, either mailed or email to us by July 31.  For more details, check out the event's site at:

I look forward to reading your nominations!

Gratefully Yours,

Kate Jonasse, and the K-Tech Automotive Team

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