Friday, June 28, 2013



At 2:25 this afternoon, June 28, Winnie and I drove by the vineyard conversion by repeat offender Paul Hobbs, this particular one at 622 Watertrough, which borders 5 schools with over 700 students. "Order to Stop Work" the red sign said. "Causes: Failure to implement erosion control measures. 2) Removal of riparian vegetation." It was signed Agriculture Commissioners Office, Gail Davis, 6-25-13, Ag. and Vineyard Conversion Cooridinator.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. How many more rules has Hobbs broken and will he break in his quest for profit, at the expense of children and our bio-diverse agriculture? We citizens caught him this time and reported him. What is happening behind closed doors? Why is the local daily covering-up this newsworthy travesty rather than reporting it? Hobbs will merely pay the paltry fines and continue extracting wealth from our county and taking it away, depriving children of their health and real local farmers of work. What is wrong with this picture? 

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