Sunday, June 30, 2013


This Tuesday, July 2nd, at 3:00pm, I am presenting my appeal of the Design Review Board approval of a project located at 961 Gravensteins Hwy, across the street from Fircrest market.

The meeting will be held at the Youth Annex at 425 Morris St.

In our recent past, Sebastopol has seen building projects that are way over-built.  A few blocks in from Hwy 116 on Litchfield Rd. you can see an example in progress - over a dozen 2400 - 3600 sq.ft. behemoths squeezed into a small parcel.  This overwhelms the community and basically destroys the neighborhood.  Some people have lived there all of their lives and wonder how they're not protected against such reckless development.

Below are images of the DRB approved project I am appealing.  Take a look.

Does this belong in Sebastopol?

Please come to the meeting and support the appeal.  If you can't attend the meeting, please write our City Council, as that can be just as effective.  You can get City Council email addresses from the City of Sebastopol Contact menu tab above.  Make sure you include City Clerk Mary Gourley and Kenyon Webster on all communication.

We need to let them know that our community deserves a better, more thoughtful approach to shaping Sebastopol's future.  It directly affects our quality of life.

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