Sunday, June 2, 2013


I was speaking with a man and his first grade grandson today who told me a hair-raising story.

It was about a Sonoma County Sheriff who drove past Screaming Mimi's late last week and noticed that the interior was kind of smokey.  Instincts had him call it in, and sure enough, a ceiling fan was overheating and smoking.  Firemen were able to gain access and remove the smoking unit before any flames erupted.  There is still a sign in the window thanking the Sonoma County Sherrif's Dept. and the Sebastopol Fire Department.

In fact, yesterday, I heard they handed out free ice cream to all in celebration of what, for me and many other local ice cream nuts, would've been a catastrophe.  In fact, Sebastopol City Council member John Eder was in the right place at the right time and was able to score one of those free cones.

When my friend's grandson said, "Man, I wish I was there to get free ice cream",  his grandfather replied, "When was the last time you paid for an ice cream cone?"

Many thanks to the Sonoma County Sherrif's Dept. and the Sebastopol Fire Dept.  And thank goodness that that little building that makes so many people happy is still there.


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