Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Roatory Club of Sebastopol...

I have gone on public record expressing my disdain at the politicization of the two Rotary Clubs in Sebastopol during the CVS controversy.  But now, I would like to express my sincere gratitude.

You see, a week ago, my third grader came home with the "MacMillan Fully Illustrated Dictionary for Children".

The Rotary Club of Sebastopol donated this dictionary to every third grader in Sebastopol as they do every year.


My son has not put this thing down and, to tell you the truth, it sparks some lively conversation:

"Hey, dad.  Did you know that Lyme disease was named after Old Lyme, CT?"

"Hey, dad.  Did you know that Uncle Sam was named after a butcher in the war of 1812?"

"Hey, dad.  Did you know the Ferris wheel was named after George Ferris who built one that held 2,000 people for the Chicago World's Fair?"

Ya know what?  I didn't.

So THANK YOU Rotary Club of Sebastopol.

This is a gift that keeps on giving.

And I might just learn something.

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  1. Rotary does a lot of good in our community. They also sponsor a learn-to-swim program that teaches second graders to swim. That's also very big. Not to mention many projects overseas that benefit people around the world. The key to the value of the dictionary gift is that pair of parental ears that's listening and talking to the dictionary explorer—you.

    The work they do in the community isn't supposed to be political and I think some members crossed that line on the CVS/Chase matter, and I think they know it. Most of us live in some gray area between noble and ignoble thoughts and actions.


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