Saturday, January 5, 2013


What is it with developers?!?

I've been excited about the Barlow project, but there's something that I can't help but notice...


I mean, this project is starting to look like a factory in Poland.  Where are the trees?  Well, I hope this posting doesn't answer my question.  Because instead of planting trees to soften the austere look of this project, the developers want to cut down a tree that has welcome westbound visitors to Sebastopol for over a hundred years.


Bunya Bunya Tree at Barlow

I just heard from a DRB member that the Sebastopol Tree Board almost approved cutting down the Monkey Puzzle Tree on Sebastopol Ave and Morris Streets last night.  The Barlow project put a notice on the tree around December 17, and tried to get the removal approved last night.  Removing the tree was not a part of the original plans for the development.  This is the unique, tall, landmark tree right at the corner there, with the spiny leaves that grow in spirals around the branches.  It's been there for 100 years.  (The Monkey Puzzle and Bunya Bunya tree are in the same genus and very similar, so I'm not sure which it actually is.)

Please take a moment to email the other members of tree board & City Council and give them your feedback on this tree removal application.

News Flash please forward:

The Barlow project wants to cut down the 80 foot tall Bunya Bunya Tree at the entrance to the town.  The tree has been a landmark at the corner of Morris and Highway 12 for 100 years.  Now the Barlow says the tree is in the way of its corner development.  They want to make the curb more truck friendly and to conform to CalTrans and ADA standards.  They tried to get the Tree Board's approval last night but the Tree Board said there wasn't enough public notice given.  What do you think?  Could there be more effort made to preserve the tree?

Contact the City Officials about it if you have an opinion.  The next Tree Board will meet on Wednesday, January 16th.

City Council

Sarah Glade Gurney, City Councilmember

(707) 823-6500

Michael Kyes, Mayor

(707) 483-2595

John Eder, City Councilmember

Patrick Slayter, City Council Member

(707) 829-9090

Robert Jacob, Vice Mayor

Mary Gourley, City Clerk

(707) 823-1153

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