Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kathleen Shaffer pulling up stakes?

Well, how do you like 'dem apples?

It seems that Kathleen Shaffer has listed her N. High St. home in Sebastopol with Terra Firma Global Partners.  In fact they just reduced it to $649K, so they seem to be in a hurry.

Now I have no idea if she's leaving Dodge or re-locating within city limits, but if you read my earlier post, "CONSPIRACY THEORY", this fits right in to what I theorized.

But it wouldn't make sense to sell that terrific little cottage in that great location just to move to another part of Sebastopol?

You see, Ms. Shaffer has actually done some good work here.  I won't go into listing the accomplishments, but they include re-stringing Christmas lights throughout Main St. businesses.

But, why leave town?  Just because she lost an election doesn't mean she can't continue the work she did.  She can still visit the elderly.  She can still host food banks and clothing drives.  She can still help steer the entrepreneurial spirit with SEP.  She can still voice her opinion publicly at City Council meetings.  She can still be a force in rallying Rotary Club members behind causes dear to her.  And now she doesn't have to do it "under the radar".

Or maybe, the Agenda was the priority.

Maybe Kathleen Shaffer was an instrumental pawn in bringing the CVS/Chase project to Sebastopol.  You see, the CVS M.O. across America has been to enter a community though Rotary contacts.  They promise that this project will be an "all-Rotary" project; everyone (in the Rotary) wins.  Then the Rotary bullies the City Council into approving the project before the community can get involved.  Before you know it, the town is forever changed.  Landmarks and historical buildings are razed, local businesses are undercut and traffic insulates a community.  Well, at least, that's what happened here.

Is this a telling move by a former council member who once claimed great love and devotion for Sebastopol?  If so, it's pretty scary.

Or am I completely out of my mind?

Uh.  Don't answer that.

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