Friday, January 4, 2013


If you are reading this, you need to spread the word and attened one or more or ALL of the Sebastopol General Plan sub-committee meetings listed on the City of Sebastopol website:
The prioritized findings from each of the community meetings will be posted in the General Plan Update section of that same website.  In addition, they will be available for any future groups to reference at such time that Sebastopol engages in the formal update of its General Plan.  Three other topics have yet to be scheduled: Land Use, Safety, and Circulation (Traffic).
And tell them what you think!  This is what we fought for:
To learn more about the Community Meetings, or to be added to the email list for updates concerning the SSU project and the eventual General Plan Update, call the Planning Department Monday through Thursday (707) 823-6167, or email

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