Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ya, know, I went to the City Council meeting last night.

At 5:00pm the City Council interviewed 4 candidates for the 3 vacant seats on the Design Review Board.  Appointed were Ted Luthin, former chair Zac Douch and Christine Level was named alternate.

I had to leave at 6pm, (there was an emergency Martini surplus at Hopmonk they needed help with) but when I returned at 8:00pm, they had just approved an extension on the moratorium for drive-thru windows.  This doesn't ban drive-thrus in Sebastopol at this time, it just gives the Council a full year to review the options on these environmental disasters.

Then, long into the night, the report on the Village Mobile Home park just east of downtown was discussed.  Seems the  City purchased the property in 2007 and now they are trying to figure out what to do with it.  It's costing Sebastopol mucho moolah each year and there's no clear solution in sight.  The odd thing to me was that no one from the trailer park or Tombe Realty who manages the park at $110,000.00 a year, attended the meeting, though they were invited.

I wonder if Tombe was nervous about answering some of the Council's questions.

Stay tuned.

But what impressed me about this new council is that every member provided thought provoking questions and opinions that really dug deep below the surface of the issues at hand.

I was very impressed and truthfully, pleasantly surprised at the type of constructive dialogue that every member took part in.

KUDOS to our new council!  Now let's get out there and support them!  Show up.

Please go to the Sebastopol City website for the minutes of all meetings.

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  1. Much more functional. That's the message. We are lucky to have a local government that looks out for the interests of its citizens and residents.


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