Thursday, May 2, 2013


Paul Hobbs is poised to begin clear-cutting 38 acres of apple orchard on Watertrough Rd. right next to Apple Blossom School.  This is a man who high-jacked property on the 116 across from Harmony Farm Supply.  In that case, he complained about a small stand of fir trees on his property that was suffering from drainage from a septic on a neighboring property.  After fines went unpaid, Paull Hobbs won the property at auction and clearcut an amazing swath of hundred plus year old Redwoods to plant a new vineyard.

Hobbs composited in front of his clear cut of the Jenkel property.
So much for his concern of trees.

Even Supervisor Efren Carrillo came out against Hobbs in the Sonoma County Gazette, saying:  “Paul Hobbs has shown a blatant disregard for Sonoma County, its resources, his fellow vintners and community...

In the case of the Watertrough property, our children who attend Apple Blossom School will be directly affected.  Please read the article and please sign the petition.

Follow this link for a story from 2011 that tells you how this guy operates; without any regard for the environment or his neighbors:

PLEASE sign this petition if you agree that we need to stop this destruction of where we live.

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