Tuesday, May 21, 2013



When:  6:00PM

Where:  The COMMUNITY CENTER, 425 Morris St.

Why:  Councilmember John Eder is proposing two discussions regarding the General Plan and guidelines for the Design Review Board.

During the CVS hearings, it seems a lot of the divisiveness stemmed from just how "general" our current General Plan is.  So-called guidelines are so ambiguous that either side of the project could have argued their position and would have easily had a leg to stand on.  A lot of people, including myself, thought that was, at least part of the reason a project like CVS could get approval at all.

John is proposing we develop guidelines that set in stone (not literally) certain aspects of construction such as building height, doors, solar, whatever...

I would like to see more stringent measures taken to maintain the integrity of neighborhoods when new construction is approved.  That mega-project on Litchfield has destroyed the neighborhood and is quite imposing when viewed from Pinecrest school.  It has diminished the quality of life that folks living nearby have enjoyed since they've lived there.

Without such guidelines, builders, real estate developers and architects would have a field day over-building our community.

Write your letters and show up and support these proposals.

Sebastopol's future depends on it.

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