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Here's a letter that was recently posted from Shepard Bliss, re: local villain, Paul Hobbs.  I couldn't agree more.  This Hobbs character couldn't care less about our community.  He just bulldozes everything to plant his grapes and he's poised to destroy more habitat.  Please read.

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Thread: Apple Blossom School now will be Wine Grape School ??!!!??!!

I spoke to an organic winegrape grower at the Sebastopol Farmers Market this morning. I indicated that the Watertrough Children's Alliance was open to trying to negotiate with Paul Hobbs for a win/win solution, like his going organic. He assured me that Hobbs would never do that. Given his previous record, that is probably true.

Having already experienced for many years how vineyard owners work their vineyard productions in Freestone and other areas, I do not believe Paul Hobbs is honestly now, or any time, going to work with our communities. He is already getting people to eat out of his dirty hands...

Now there is Hobbs , a vineyard vulture who has all the control and power to do what he wants. And he will get away with doing what he wants ,regardless of what county or state officials say or do. People who are working with this issue seem to be backing down and think Hobbs will"work" with them,forget it ,he is not a honest business person and has already proven it. He really does not care about the schools, and the community other than selling his wine to them... Meanwhile, allowing Paul Hobbs to talk his talk and do his "business as usual" is absolutely WRONG!! Do not back down and allow him to put his vineyard in no matter what.

This letter was posted on where you can get more information re: what this winery owner is doing.

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