Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A sad day...

The apple orchard across the street from us was cut down today.

During season, everyday, I would retrieve my mail and pluck a fallen apple from the ground.  I wouldn't pick from the tree, it wasn't mine.  But once it fell on my side of the fence, I would grab a beautiful Golden Delicious from the grass.  I swear it was the best apple I have ever tasted and I experienced that revelation every time I bit into one.

Each morning I would be greeted by these trees as I travelled down my driveway toward the orchard.  Today, I heard the sound of chainsaws and looked east down my drive.

There was nothing.

Not an apple tree in site.  All of them cut down.  I wished I heard the chainsaws earlier so I could've pleaded to PLEASE - keep - that - one - tree.

My kids cried upon hearing the news.  As sad as it was, I was proud of them.  My bees will miss those sweet blossoms. and my trip to the mailbox will always be a sad reminder of a very delicious past.

Sonoma county needs a moratorium on new vineyards planted.  Yes, I planted a small, 3/4 of an acre vineyard on my property.  It actually restored a horse property that was compressed and void of life.  But over the last seven years of learning about the area, I would've done it differently.  There is so much more we could do with a small chunk of land that has a very far reach.

Personally, our quality of life has taken a substantial hit.

I used to say we were in jeopardy of becoming a mono-culture.  I'm afraid it has happened right under our noses.

Please send this to friends.  Not for the blog - for the earth.

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