Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Whether or not you have a child in the Sunridge School, it would benefit the community to make a call to your local Representative concerning the following.

These kids are our future…

There is a bill to be heard by the California Assembly Education Committee on June 25 that is of vital importance to SunRidge School.

This bill, SB 1263, would make it illegal for a charter school to locate outside of its sponsoring district, even if the district has invited, and is leasing facilities to, the out-of-district charter school.

Since that is exactly what SunRidge and the Sebastopol Union District are doing with our town campus, this bill could make it illegal for us to remain on this campus.


The Assembly Education Committee will hear SB 1263 (Pavley, D-Agoura Hills) on June 25th.  This bill would strip charter schools current ability to locate facilities outside of their charter-granting district boundaries.  Current law generally requires most charter schools to locate within district boundaries, but authorizes out-of-district locations when facilities are not available within bounds.  SB 1263 would eliminate this out-of-district flexibility thereby severely constraining charter schools facilities options.
Please contact your legislator NOW to oppose this bill with either a brief phone call, email, or letter of opposition—especially if your legislator serves on either the Senate or Assembly Education Committees.  Make sure you know who you are represented by.  Meanwhile, here are links to Levine and Evans...
State Assembly (District 10)
State Senate (District 2)

If you have a problem with these links, please let us know immediately.

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