Saturday, June 28, 2014


When EVER I mention our video store to someone who lives out of town, they say, "Video store?  Don't you have Netflix?"

And I brag to them that, though we do have Netflix, We are lucky enough to have our own video store in the heart of Sebastopol.  We love going downtown to Box Office Video.  Mondo (the owner) did something in Sebastopol that has quickly become a dinosaur across this great nation; he ran a successful video store.  Within our "Instant Gratification" hungry society, we were the lucky ones to be able to browse the aisles and interact with family or friends.  To discuss films with other movie lovers; something that is lost online.  Your title search at BOV required more thought.  It triggers spontaneity when you grab a movie from Japan, perhaps, holding it in your hands instead of skimming images on your iPad.

Well, it seems our luck has run out.  Box Office Video is going out of business.  They couldn't hold out any longer.  And, in my opinion, it is a very sad day.

At least my kids experienced the "Video Store".  And, unlike rolling their eyes when I tell them about going to the drive-in, they will have their own tale to tell their kids.  "We had a video store in our town."

So, a fond farewell to BOV!  Thank you, Mondo.  You will be missed.

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  1. just wanted to see what was left of video stores in sonoma county (as of Feb 20,2017) the answer is not much.
    with only video droid and Joe video (both in Santa Rosa) remaining. First Saturday morning cartoons on network TV now video stores.My inner child is very sad these days.


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