Tuesday, June 17, 2014


What's that you say?!?  Re-design Sebastopol?
Downtown design issues are becoming a challenge.  The amount of traffic filtering through our community because of a growing Sonoma county is just one problem we are all familiar with.  But that brings with it development.  There are a few properties downtown that could easily fall prey to fast-food or chain businesses that would turn Sebastopol into a wasteland of corporate mediocrity.
Sound extreme?  May I remind you of CVS*?  So...
The City Council has recently formed a subcommittee of Councilmembers Sarah Glade Gurney and John Eder, and local Planning Consultant Marsha Sue Lustig and Architect Lars Langberg to engage the community in a proactive program designed to provide preferred development information to potential developers of the old downtown lumberyard site (the tractor place across from Screaming Mimi's) located at Petaluma Avenue and Depot St.

In other words - developers would design the property in a way determined by the community - YOU!
Urban Designer Lois Fisher of Fisher Town Design (that seems like a cool business), will present a short program of successful downtowns adjacent to plazas like ours.  Then YOU will have an opportunity to weigh in on how YOU think the site should be developed.  This information will be used to craft a Community handout about the design of this specific parcel, and presented to the City Council to consider our options.

This is a fun and interactive event that helps Sebastopol grow in a responsible and community-friendly direction.
And it includes YOU.
Bring your ideas.  Bring your drawings.  Bring your friends.

June 28th from 2-5pm at the Youth Annex
390 Morris St. in Sebastopol

This is the start of something very exciting.
Jump in at the beginning!

*Updates on the CVS issue will be posted shortly

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  1. Thank you so much for publicly announcing this.
    I am new to the area and have thought Sebastopol aesthetically needs some redesigning. I can't make the meeting, but I have a few ideas.
    I lived in Boulder and they have a street called Pearl Street that is strictly a walking street with flowers, trees and benches for people to stroll and gather. People come from all around the country to do street performances. It builds creativity, community and many people come from all around to walk on Pearl Street. I think perhaps Depot street is a very unused street. That could easily be turned into a walking street. It could also continue onto Brown St. which doesn't seem to have a lot of traffic. There could be a great regular open air Artist market on Brown street since there is already a farmers market, why not have a crafty artists markets for local people to display their works?
    I personally think they should do away with all the one way streets. It doesn't make the town quaint or inviting. It's one big traffic jam and Sebastopol looses its charm.
    I don't know who owns the block of buildings at highway 12 and 116, but it seems that someone could develop that property to make it appealing with little shops and a beautiful park courtyard with a fountain and a place to gather. It is a highly visible area. Maybe a community flower garden with edible plants and then shops around it? Then people could also walk across the street and stroll on Depot and Brown street...
    Just some thoughts.


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