Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hello Friends, 
I have heard that the school board is being asked to re-consider one of the TPE  (thermoplastic elastomer) infill products for the sports fields at Analy and El Mo.

This is not something we want to consider because it is another product that is made of various compounds that will be breaking down in the sunlight over time and exposing our kids to plastic dusts. There is evidence that TPE’s also can cause more injuries to the joints as it gives and moves a lot during play. Lets keep the fields as natural as possible and push the organic matter infill and specifically the GeoTurf product as it is the most vetted alternative.
Please consider writing a note or calling as soon as possible so the board can digest our wishes! Thank you all for weighing in on this issue.

The board meeting is this Wednesday the 25th at Analy’s library. We are told 7:30 is the time for this item on the agenda, but it will likely be a bit later.
It will probably be a finished story after this meeting as they will be deciding on a product.

Here is the note I sent the board last Friday along with a call to the board members numbers available in the talking points attachment:

Hello community leaders,

I want to take a minute to thank all of you for listening to the parent and sport community and making a decision to ensure our children are playing on a safe surface as we move forward with replacing the grass fields at Analy and El Molino. I also want to reinforce that the Geo-fill product has great recommendations from the city of San Carlos, Piedmont and San Mateo locally. This article shows parallel discussions and concerns raised in the Gaithersburg community and the end choice of GeoTurf as a “home run”!

I hope to share this enthusiasm in choosing a GeoTurf/Geo-fill product next Wednesday.

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