Tuesday, March 10, 2015


File this under: SCARY.

Paul Hobbs: Not exactly a concerned citizen.

Has anyone noticed that the entire PAUL HOBBS Vineyard next to Apple Blossom School and the surrounding four campuses has been rounded up with biocide this weekend?  I arrived at school and there was tractor work going on in directly west of my classroom.  He was not spraying, just mowing the poisoned grasses.  My sinuses have been raw all day.  Vines are not in the ground yet and they continue to spray and then kick up that dust for all the students and staff to enjoy.  Do you know who can stop this guy?  Looks like another letter to write… just not sure to whom.

Editor's Note:  Call the Bureau for Water & Air control whenever you see this kind of activity from any vineyard:  415 760 6393

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