Friday, July 4, 2014


Did you miss the fireworks last night?  Here's the next best thing to being there…

First, a special thanks to the Kiwanis Club and the generous volunteers for helping this 41st year of Fireworks in Sebastopol!!!  Here, gatekeepers Elisha Scheinberg and Ralph Harmon greet the masses.

Always a good crowd on hand.

Mayor Robert Jacob and Councilmember Una Glass were on hand for the festivities.

So was Julia Bush who didn't let anything stand in the way of celebrating.

Poor Man's Whiskey kept the crowd dancing, opening with a great version of Tom Petty's American Girl.

And there was no shortage of patriotic fashion victims on hand.

The Birth of our Nation was the only excuse Buck Shortridge needed to gobble down a rainbow slushy.

As always, Mr. Music was there to introduce the spectacular display of fireworks.

Remember this one?

All in all, it was another great event that really made you realize how lucky we are to live in this town.  Sebastopol is a very special place that gives me great hope for our future.  To see my kids grow up here surrounded by a caring community is more than we could have ever asked for when we were looking for a place on earth to raise our children.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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  1. Looks wonderful! I have never been - must put on list for next year. Love Poor Man's Whiskey!


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