Thursday, July 10, 2014


Boy!  I just had a great breakfast from this locally owned establishment located in the Barlow and I almost couldn't finish it!


For $13.00 (including tip), I enjoyed two beautifully scrambled eggs over corned beef hash on a bed of savory potatoes, mushrooms and onions with toast and a piping hot cup of coffee.  Yes, you read that correctly.  $13!

Patrick Lum has been in Sebastopol for 42 years.  A true Sebastopudlian (I know, I know).  But his baked goods, and freshly prepared meals are hard to beat.  I was very tempted to add a velvet cupcake to the mix, but I had no time to take a nap.  Did I mention they have a gluten-free dedicated kitchen?  Well, they do.

The Village Bakery.

Get fat responsibly, support local!

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