Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Judge Elliot Daum
The Artesa case was heard in Judge Daum's court last Friday morning.  Attorneys for the coalition opposing the Artesa conversion did a terrific job.  CalFire and Artesa attorneys stated their cases, as well.  Judge Daum said he would issue a ruling in approximately 30 days.  

Start the clocks and let friends and allies know that we need to control the increasing pressure on coastal forests AND on Resource and Rural Development (RRD) lands.  

RRD is zoned to protect resources.  Changes to the land and waterways like Artesa and Ratna Ling are not protective of natural resources, nor can they fully mitigate the losses of those lands.  Impacts include decreased capacity for GHG reduction, increased traffic, noise, water use.  Also health and safety risks, such as fire safety and so on.  

In the case of Artesa, Tribal archeological resources are extensive enough that the area including, and surrounding, Artesa is potentially an Archeological District.  The Tribes need (and deserve) protection of their heritage areas.  

We have to educate our neighbors and our leaders to the long term risks, the impacts, and of the precedents this kind of development sets.  

Thanks for caring about our north coast areas.  And thanks for letting others know to spread the word.

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