Sunday, October 20, 2013


Lest you forget the mammoth, sprawling CVS/Chase project and the congestion it would cause, please spend two minutes to view the video in the previous post.  It was presented by the developer in January 2012. 
This post is to update you on the status of CVS, and to ask you for a contribution to pursue the Small Town Sebastopol lawsuit, if necessary. 
A legal agreement signed by CVS March 2, 2010 indemnified the City of Sebastopol against liability for any award or settlement of the case.
CVS purchased the site from the Pellini’s, so the family is out of the picture.  It’s just we the community vs. CVS 
CVS is dealing with three major unresolved obstacles: 
1)  CVS is suing the City in Federal District Court for violation of CVS’ civil rights by issuing a moratorium on drive thrus.
2)  CalTrans has not approved the permits needed to allow left turns into and out of the project across two lanes of traffic on Sebastopol Ave; more than a year ago, CalTrans requested further information. CVS has not responded.
3)  Our suit, filed in August 2011, charged that the then City Council’s approval for the project was based on a flawed traffic study that did not properly consider The Barlow and the real traffic impact on many streets and intersections in town. We believe that a new traffic study would trigger a full Environmental Impact study that would prove the CVS project would generate unacceptable traffic.         
It is important that CVS know we are not going away.                                          
We need your help to continue the battle.
NOTE: We guarantee that if all of the funds received from this time forward are not needed, equitable refunds will be made.
We’re counting on you.
Please Go to:
or send a check to:
Committee for Small Town Sebastopol                                                    Exchange Bank                                                                                                        720 Gravenstein Hwy, No                                                                       Sebastopol, Ca 95472
Helen Shane and John Kramer

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