Thursday, September 26, 2013


I am honored to introduce a new feature on theGravenstein - Vice-Mayor Robert Jacob's...

Sebastopol City News

I've devoted a new page to this and hope you find it helpful as it's just chock full of all kinds of info regarding events in and around our fair city as well as the business of the city itself.

I will update this page with each new issue, but you could also subscribe to it yourself if you like.

And, may I take a moment to publicly thank Mayor Michael Kyes, Vice Mayor Jacob and Councilmembers Patrick Slayter, Sarah Gurney and John Eder for the job they are doing to make Sebastopol work.  We were faced with some very difficult issues and the thoughtful and cooperative approach they've applied to solving these problems seems to be unique when it comes to politics this day and age.  There is no agenda.  The priority is what is best for Sebastopol.

We are very lucky to have all of them on watch.

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