Monday, September 16, 2013


I find it quite disturbing and a sad commentary on society that supporters of Efren Carrillo find his actions acceptable for an elected official.  "Give him another chance", they say.  "Oh, he made a mistake."  "He wasn't that drunk."  "He has problems, where's the compassion?"

Though, Mr. Carrillo may deserve a certain amount of compassion considering his affliction with alcohol and issues with women, I have seen nothing regarding the compassion for his victim. This woman and what she went through has been conveniently forgotten by Mr. Carrillo's handlers and supporters.  As far as they're concerned, we should dismiss Mr. Carrillo's "mistake" and "move forward". In other words, this will blow over.  No worries.

Mr. Carrillo's mindset and the decisions he's made are nothing less than that of a common thug.  He is not worthy of the seat he was voted into and he needs to resign regardless of what happens in the courtroom.

My biggest concern is that Carrillo will get a slap on the wrist.  Maybe community service that would provide photo ops for his next run for 5th District Supervisor.  I can see him now, helping the Boy Scouts pick up garbage in the Laguna.  Or handing out blankets to the homeless.

Don't forget - in this latest incident, he terrorized a woman in her home and roamed the streets sans pantalones.  That was his second chance and that is enough for me to call for his resignation.

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