Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New City Council...

Veteran Councilmember Patrick Slayter looks on as Mary Gourley swears in
John Eder and Robert Jacob (with hand in his pocket).

Exiting Mayor Wilson, healing after a nasty fall from a ladder, lamented his lack of support from the community for voting the way he did on the CVS project.  He expressed his concern that this recent campaign brought out quite a bit of animosity toward the candidates and some of our fellow citizens and called for unity in our town; to accept whatever comes our way and work together to move on in a positive direction.  Then, to a standing ovation, he handed the reigns to Vice Mayor (now Mayor) Michael Kyes.  Mayor Kyes then nominated Robert Jacob as Vice Mayor and the vote was unanimous.

As much as I like Robert (who wore a wooden tie that I am sure was fashioned from wood from a sustainable forest), I think experience on the council was overlooked.  I understand the reasons, but I think our first opportunity to move in a more positive direction was lost.

By the way, Kathleen Shaffer was a no-show as were ANY of her supporters.  Didn't even see them at Aubergine for the ensuing "CAKE" party.  Too bad, because she would've heard a lot of nice things that were said about her at the council meeting.

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