Monday, May 4, 2015


City Council meeting, Tuesday, May 5, starting about 7pm

Meeting held at the Youth Center on Morris St.
Multiuse trail advocates, we need your support at the next Council meeting to move the proposed trails forward. 

At a meeting with the Planning Director and City Manager about what will be presented at the May 5 City Council meeting concerning the multi use trail proposals, they indicated the topic will be limited to addressing the request of the Council from the November meeting. (Recommend a public process and its cost.)  It will not be dealing with the trail alignment which brought the NIMBYs out in force to protest. Apparently a consultant will cost in the range of $80,000, a good chunk.

A nice way to get to work.

The goal for us is to get the money commitment into the budget. Then an RFP can be sent out to trail consultants who will take over the process and eventually make a recommendation to Council. Many, besides us, want some of the City's limited cash. We have to make this need a priority.  To do this the City manager simply says, "get many to speak up at the Council meeting, and send lots of letters." 

I know it is hard to find the time, it can be boring waiting, it feels uncomfortable to speak, etc. but this is what works. Being there, making your case while the Council is deciding makes a difference. Following below are some messages that I think we should get out and be repeated by many. Also a survey follows.

Detailed information is available at

Our kids deserve it.

The trails are needed. 

More than anything else this will change the "drive everywhere" culture of Sebastopol, the health and independence of kids, traffic to schools, etc.  These trails will add to social life, happiness, and adventure from tots in trailers to elders. Dogs love them too. More than anything else, these trails will make Sebastopol a better place to live. See poll below.

Get our youth started in the habit of going place on their own power. The predominant culture of "drive everywhere" changes most by getting youth and families into the habit of biking and walking. This starts with a safe and enjoyable way to do this.

Bike lanes along Hwy 116 are not a "duplication"
You still ride between parked cars and highway traffic. Until it feels safe, most will not use it. We need a way for all users to ride or walk. Walking along Hwy 116 is unpleasant.

Sebastopol's current situation.

Below is the result of a poll by Robert Jacobs taken for his campaign. The next biggest concern was traffic congestion at ten points. He asked:
Should we prioritize developing more pedestrian and bicycle improvements and pathways?
40 of 46 people answered affirmatively, or 87%  It should be noted that the people that did not answer affirmatively did not answer negatively or even with the undecided. There was no anti bike lane comments.  Meaning that the number could even have been higher.
An Oregon community with bike trails; almost every kid rides their bike to school.

Please.  If you feel that bike trails would benefit our community, show up at this meeting.  It could make the difference.

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