Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I have signed the petition and am in the middle of a letter that I will copy to both the president of the board and the district superintendent.  I urge you to send an email voicing your opinion.  Make it short if you have to.  But make it count! 
This must be in their email boxes sometime tomorrow, February 18th.
I wholeheartedly agree with Nell's letter below.  We've also provided you with important links re: this issue.

          Our kids matter.


I am writing to you because I think you have an interest in what type of field will replace the natural grass at Analy and El Molino this summer. I urge you to appeal to your school board members by emailing the district supervisor and president of the board and show up at the 6pm meeting February 18th at El Molino to voice for a greener option than synthetic crumb fields. The meeting is open to the public at 6pm

The Division State Architects have approved a synthetic turf field and I believe that we can do better for our klds and community. Let’s look to companies like GeoTurf, a natural coconut husk and cork alternative, that could give us the drought tolerant and all weather field that we need without exposing our lands and children to more fossil fuel products. 

The party line is that the synthetics are “safe” and yet there is a bill coming up next month in the Senate that proposes a moratorium on crumb fields till 2018 and asks California to take a second look at the logic of using ground up tires as a sports surface. Please join me at the board meeting this next Wednesday to voice your opinion on synthetic fields, especially while our senators are debating the idea of banning them for their health risks! 

Thank you for being aware and taking the time to consider an alternative.

Nell Hergenrather

President of the board

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